Patient monitoring/ cardiology

Experience for over 20 years

The provision of servicing of equipment for cardiological diagnostics has been one of our core business activities since the foundation of our company. Our service technicians can fall back on a vast treasure-trove of experience and are therefore able to find fast and simple solutions to your challenges.

Patienten Monitoring / Kardiologie

Our Service to you

You can avoid technical faults and malfunctions in your daily work when you leave it to us to carry out regular safety checks, metrological controls and maintenance.
The service provisions not only contribute to the retention of the value of your technology, but we also offer you highest technical quality and economical security in your planning.

With Dr. Ing. Peter Kaminski Medizintechnik as your service partner on your side, you will benefit from our extensive range of services and a vast treasure of experience.
Our competent team of technicians and product advisors will find individual solutions for all your problems.

Our service provisions

  • Our inspection technicians are certificated service technicians. They can directly analyse and repair any occurring faults and malfunctions!

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