Perinatal Care

The medical technology relating to perinatal diagnostics and therapy is a very sensitive area. We have ensured that all our certified service technicians working in this field are specially trained and regularly receive up-to-date, first class training.

With Dr. Ing. Peter Kaminski Medizintechnik as your service partner on your side, you will benefit from our extensive range of services and a wealth of experience.
Our competent team of technicians and product advisors will find individual solutions for all your challenges.

Die Medizintechnik zur perinatalen Diagnostik und Therapie ist ein sensibler Fachbereich.

Our service: newest, up-to-date measuring technology and certificated technicians

Incubation and warming units

  • Installation/ maintenance/ repair
  • Incubator: Giraffe OmniBed Carestation, Giraffe Carestation (GE), Warming beds: Giraffe Warming bed Panda (GE), Transport: Giraffe Shuttle

Perinatal diagnostics/ perinatal monitoring

  • Technical safety inspections on foetal and maternal monitoring (CTG appliances)
  • Technical safety inspections ultrasound diagnostics units
  • Technical safety inspections/ technical calibration inspections for neo-natal monitoring
  • Servicing/ repairs
  • All services are manufacturer-independent
  • Our inspection technicians are certificated service technicians. They can directly analyse and repair any occurring faults and malfunctions!

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