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Over 20 years of successful service to the medical technology industry.

Welcome to Dr. Ing. Peter Kaminski Medizintechnik. Our reputation stands for competency, reliability, and personal, individual care across all aspects of medicine and technology.

We provide individually tailored solutions for complex problems and applications in your surgery and clinic.

Our service provisions

Benefit from our team of highly qualified service technicians. They are more than capable of carrying out validations, as well as the necessary maintenance. This works to your advantage: we are competent partners to consult on servicing, seal seam testing and maintenance.
We inspect all your medical technology strictly to the specifications of the manufacturer. The documentation complies with the up-to-date, latest standards of the statutory laws relating to medical products and the statutes regarding medical product operators. Our service encompasses the updating of your inventory, as well as the monitoring of all testing and inspection intervals.
If our more than 20 years of business experience has taught us anything, it is that sometimes you must have answers immediately instead of just fast. Our qualified and experienced service technicians react quickly and are locally at hand. We provide you with a loan appliance for the duration of the repair.
We only recommend products that are suitable and right for your circumstances. We listen to your individual needs. Our recommendations are tailored to you and independent from any manufacturer.
At the same time, we offer attractive leasing and finance packages. You are in safe hands because of our servicing partnerships and we guarantee that your medical technology will run smoothly and reliably.
  • Patient monitoring/ cardiology

  • Ergometry

  • Perinatal care

  • Anaesthetics/ respiratory technology

  • Intravenous and feeding technology

  • Electric/ electronic surgery

  • Physiotherapy/ rehabilitation

  • Instrument preparation

Dr.-Ing. Peter Kaminski Medizintechnik

Our company

In the more than 20 years of history the company has developed around the Managing Director and founder Dr. Eng. Peter Kaminski into a reliable address in the field of medical technical services.
Apart from growing in highly valued long-time customers and in our catchment area, we have expanded our number of partnerships with highly reputable companies from different areas of medicine.

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